[Loadstone] Importing cells form MiniGPS

Denise Marshall ddmarsha at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 3 02:33:18 BST 2006

Can you please help me? How do I copy and Paste a file to my cell phone?
And why do I keep getting no points found?

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You need all the fields in an imported file for things to work right. That 
means for cells you need the mcc, mnc, areacode, and cellid. You especially 
need the id and userid fields. These insure that every item in the database 
is unique. The userid field is a crc16 calculated from the username you used

to register with the point share site. The id is a unique number, if 
generated by the phone it's a representation of the time in seconds when the

item was saved.
The program may import files with missing fields but it'll probably cause 
problems of some kind.
At some point there may be a program written that you could run on the 
computer to generate loadstone files from other data sources. This is pretty

low on my todo list at the moment thoe. If anyone else out there wants to 
write such a program that would be helpful.

On Wed, 2 Aug 2006, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hi!
>  I would liketo import cell database from MiniGPS.  It has tab separated
> cell name, reacode and cellid fields but tho format is easily converted to
> comma-separated.
>   But i wonder how to import this list. MCC and MNC are fixed, areacode,
> cellid and name are in  imported database but  where to get  data for ID
> and userid-fields?
>  Does imported file require some headers and can i  simply omit missing
> fields and their names on header?
> -- 
> arimo
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