[Loadstone] Hi guys first time user and I have a question about the 6600

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Wed Aug 2 06:15:00 BST 2006

Hi guys My Name is Anthony I live in Miami Florida and was wondering about if you aredownloading or importing maps and a phone call comes it will still mess up the importing? Also is there anyone in Florida with the Pois for Miami dade and Tampa Pluss I saved it tomy MMC card I have a 64 Meg card should i use it to the Phone memory?
I heard about Loadstone from My friend Jessie who is also im Miami Florida.  I am also using another GPS the TRekker and the Roal /Tech works on it.  With the incridible technology coming out with GPS I'm glad that You guys did one for the phones with Mobilespeak and Talks.  I am also totally blind I have a Guide Dog too.

I am glad to be apart of this list andif I can help with anything protaining to the GPS Please let me know.

Also How do you get the Pois and again should I use thephone memory.  Good job to the guys who invented the Loadstone GPS Programs.  Take care Anthony and Guide dog Hall.  Feel free tocontact me via e-mail e-mail address is antg1 at highstream.net.
Good luck in developing this program Jessie and I if we both can help if you don't have a poi for Miami Will help you add some I wish you guys luck and plenty of success with the Loadstone-gps Project.

I'm glad to be apart ofthis mailing list.

If you know of any tips and tricks for the Nokia 6600 please let me know thanks again.
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