[Loadstone] problem

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Wed Aug 2 01:16:41 BST 2006

A few things about point importing. Normally the text files to import are in 
system/apps/loadstone/importexport but they don't have to be. If they're not 
you can navigate to them in the file selection dialog. That may be a bit 
tricky depending on where you've put the file.
If you're running a version of loadstone below 0.60 you won't get beeps 
during importing. The screen's backlight will turn on every so often thoe. 
Upgrade to the latest version and you should get small beeps and the back 
light coming on. This happens every 300 lines of file processed. On my 
ngage, storing the database on the mmc, the import will pull in 300 lines in 
around 30 seconds or so. The speed of this will very depending on your phone 
and if you're using the mmc or phone memory. Phone memory is faster but 
During an import the phone may appear to have locked up. It didn't, it's 
just working as hard as it can and doesn't give talks the chance to speak. 
Hitting keys probably won't effect the import but they just won't speak.
If you shut the phone off or it dies during an import you'll most likely end 
up with a corrupted database. Make sure your phone is charged or just plug 
it in and be patient.
If the database does get corrupted loadstone will try to fix it on start but 
the phone's database engine is almost useless at this and just tends to 
crash the program instead. Unfortunately there's not much we can do about 
this. If this happens, open your file explorer, goto 
system/apps/loadstone/databases and delete the file called default. 
Depending on your phone if it has a file browser it may not let you look at 
the system folder. If so, go download fexplorer, use google to find out 
where. This program is a much better file browser anyway so is a worth while 
download in any case.
When getting point files from the point exchange, pick a reasonable radius. 
At the moment we have a lot of data for north america so even a radius as 
little as 20 km will bring back around 100000 points. This will also cover 
quite a bit of area thoe. Outside north america we don't have as much data 
so the radius can be expanded. As the point share database grows this may 
change thoe.
If you need a lot of data in the phone but don't want to have it all in the 
default database you can split it up in to multiple databases. You can do 
this by using the load database option in the file menu. This way you can 
have a lot of data on the phone but not slow the program down too much and 
only load it when needed.
Hopefully this will help clear up some of the point importing issues.


On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, ryan fleury wrote:

> Hi , thanks monty, I'll try again in the morning and let you guys know what
> happens.
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> Hi Ryan,
> It sounds like Loadstone hasn't had it's first run yet.
> Any time you uninstall Loadstone and reinstall you will need to launch
> Loadstone in order for it to create it's files and directories..
> After you've run it for the first time you should have a "inportexport"
> subdirectory.  This is where you should copy the points text file to.
> This time when you perform the import put your phone far away from you and
> leave it for as long as you can.  I normally like to perform large imports
> over night (with the phone plugged in) and that way it is ready in the
> morning.  Depending on the model of your phone and the number of points to
> be imported this could take a while!
> Good luck and keep us posted!
> Monty
>  On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, ryan
> fleury wrote:
>> Hello I uninstalled loadstone and reinstalledit. I still have the
>> points text file on my phone but when I try to copy it and paste it in
>> the loadstone folder that folder is not there , any suggestions?
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