[Loadstone] What does not connected mean

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Aug 1 19:30:25 BST 2006

Hi Denise and others,

When you press a key and hear "not connected" it means that your phone and 
GPS are not paired.  Try the following:

1.  Switch your phone and GPS receiver off so you can start from a known 

2.  Switch on your GPS reciever.

3.  Switch on your phone and launch Loadstone.

4.  Wait a few seconds (possibly 20 or so) until you hear two-tones and a 
"connection error" message.  (This message means that your GPS receiver is 
not connected)

5.  Press Softkey1 to launch the Options menu and arrow down to the GPS 

6.  Press Select or right arrow to enter the GPS Submenu.

7.  Arrow down until you get to the "Find GPS" item and press select.

8.  If your Bluetooth is switched off then you'll pbe prompted to turn it 
on before it will search for Bluetooth devices close to your phone.  After 
a short time you'll be presented with a list of devices one of which is 
hopefully your GPS receiver.  Select this.

9.  You'll then be returned to Navigation mode where by you'll hopefully 
hear a double-beep and "No Signal".  This means that your phone and 
reciever are now paired.

10.  Once again launch the Options menu, arrow down to the GPS Submenu, go 
into it, and select the "Save as default GPS" item.  This will then tell 
Loadstone to always pair with your GPS receiver whenever it is switched on 
when Loadstone launches.

After a period of time (maybe 45 seconds - maybe 5 minutes) if your GPS 
receiver has a clear view of the sky (usually works best to do this 
outside until you get to know your GPS receiver) you'll hopefully hear a 
message that says something like:

"Signal acquired - 5 satellites".  I made up the "5", it could be any 
number depending on conditions.

Then you should be able to use the various commands.  To learn about these 
commands please refer to the Usage documentation located on the 
Documentation page on the Loadstone web site:


best of luck,

On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, Denise Marshall wrote:

> When I go to Loadstone on my phone and press the number 1 key, I get a
> message that says not connected. What does that mean?
> Thanks
> Denise

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