[Loadstone] Learning about GPS

Monty Lilburn monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Aug 1 14:07:27 BST 2006

Hi Jeff,

Loadstone does not have maps in the traditional sense but rather it is 
based on navigating a collection of related points.  You can think of a 
"point" as a "point of interest" or "way point" - they are all the same 
thing - it's just that we chose to refer to them as "points".  Primarily 
because the word "points" is nice and short and will fit on the phone's 
display easier!

We have on our PointShare Exchange points representing every street 
intersection in North America and many other useful points of interest and 
landmarks.  Together these points do form a map.

You can create points anywhere you like - it's really down to the accuracy 
of your Bluetooth GPS receiver.  Most receivers have an accuracy of 
between 3 metres and 15 metres (10 feet - 45 feet) so basically most GPS 
software and/or devices will get you to the general vicinity of your 
created point.  A mailbox might be too precise of an object for you to 
exactly pin-point.  A GPS doesn't replace good orientation and mobility 
skills, it just augments them!

When using Loadstone, the way to find your closest point is to press 
"select" (centre of your joystick) while in Navigation mode.

Every Loadstone key-stroke and function is outlined in the Loadstone GPS 
documentation located on the web site:


Best regards,

On Mon, 31 Jul 2006, Jeff wrote:

> Hello all.  Let me start by saying I am new to this GPS thing, so my questions might seem dumb.  I think this Load Stone Program is really useful.  If I understand it, there are no maps included right?  There is a way I think to share maps right?  I can create my own Points of Interest (POIs) right?  How close can the POIs be from one another?  If I make a point at say my mail box and another point at my front door (which is about 100 feet apart would it work?  Also what is the command for seeing where you are?  If I am at the mail box can I press a key to verify that?
> Thanks, Jeff

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