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Denise Marshall ddmarsha at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 1 00:58:47 BST 2006

Thank you Monty:
Thanks for writing back. I have loaded the loadstone software onto my phone.
It seems the rest of the way is where I am lost. Can you please call me
Tuesday collect at (904) 374-1852. Also, I went to the website to make a
donation. I need help with that as well.
Thank you.

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Hi Denise,

It is not necessary to have a MMC (Multimedia card) reader/writer in order 
to install or use Loadstone.  Depending on your phone, you can 
alternatively use Bluetooth, infrared or USB to install the program and 
transfer files back and forth.

The documentation that explains the installation process can be found at:


On the Documentation page.

Give that a read and see how you make out.  If you need further assistance 
let us know where you are stuck and we'll help you.

Best regards,

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Subject: Loadstone getting started

Dear Sir:

I have most of the equipment that I need to get started with Loadstone
except for the A high-capacity Multimedia Card (MMC) (optional. What is
this? Do I need a card reader to load the software? Can you please help me
get started. I tried looking for tech support on the website but could not
find it.

Thank you.


(904) 374-1852

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