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ryan fleury ryan at aroga.com
Tue Aug 1 00:01:15 BST 2006

Hi shane when I enter in the values you sent me I get the error that the
field mus be a numberic value so do I skip the decimal points and the -
before the 123? 

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On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 02:54:40PM -0700, ryan fleury wrote:
> Hello, I am new to this list but have used other gps software on 
> cellular phones, I am looking forward to trying this package out . 
> First I have looked through the documentation and gone to the points 
> exchange and still cannot figure out how to get points of interest 
> into my phone. Any help is greatly appreciated. Ryan

Hey Ryan,

Since you're in the Vancouver area, simply input a latitude/longitude and
radius into the point exporter.  For example, latitude of 49.1 and a
longitude of -123.03 at a radius of 30km should bring back street data along
with some other stuff for the GVRD.  Take that file, drop it on the phone,
select import database from the file menu and that should do it.

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