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Loadstone GPS Help - Miscellaneous Questions

This page, like the video tutorial of the same name, answers some questions submitted by users. We also discuss some topics that don't quite fit in a tutorial of their own.

Loadstone and Battery Power

When Loadstone is running, it uses a lot of power as it maximizes the phone's GPS capability in order to provide the most accurate information. Unless you shut down Loadstone, it will run in the background and consume power. To save power, go to the App Switcher by double tapping the home button on your phone, swipe right until you hear 'Loadstone' and then swipe up with three fingers to close the app. You can close all active apps in this same way.

Turn by Turn Navigation

Loadstone does not currently offer turn by turn navigation. This is on our to-do list. Please keep in mind, however, that turn by turn navigation will require an internet connection to use. Loadstone tries to offer most of its features offline so that you can use the app without needing an internet connection.

What will Loadstone announce automatically?

Loadstone will announce whether or not you have signal. 'Signal' refers to GPS connectivity. Loadstone will not announce points unless they are marked as 'checkpoints. If you have checkpoints, the 'Auto Announce' feature will be available in the Actions Menu. Turning on 'Auto Announce' allows Loadstone to announce checkpoints at intervals as you approach them.

What does the 'Go to' function do?

Double tapping on the 'Go to' option allows you to enter a latitude and longitude. Once coordinates are entered, you can perform the following actions:

  • Show the neighbourhood around those coordinates
  • Save the coordinates with a specific name, for example 'Home'

What is good accuracy?

The best horizontal accuracy achieved so far has been 5 metres. By default, Loadstone will report no accuracy if the accuracy is more than 65 metres. The lower the number, the better. This applies for vertical accuracy as well.

 What is the difference between 'heading' and 'true heading'?

'Heading' refers to magnetic heading, which is currently over Canada and drifting towards Russia. 'True heading' refers to direction relative to the top of the earth and is the direction you will need most often.

What's in the Extras tab?

The Extras tab contains non-travel related GPS features like Astronomic Information. Here you will find information on sunrise/sunset times and moon phases.

Where can I find Loadstone Help?

Currently, there is a 'Help' section in the Extras tab. It contains information about Loadstone (version number and brief description) as well as legal information (terms of use and licenses.) Documentation is coming soon to this section. For now, you can follow the link to the Loadstone website in the Help section.






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