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Loadstone GPS Help - Extras Tab

The Extras tab contains non-travel related GPS features.

Astronomic Information

Below the Extras heading is 'Astronomic Information.' Double tapping on this item will take you to a screen where you can swipe right to find information under the headings 'Sun' and 'Moon', such as:

  • Rise
  • Set
  • Elevation
  • Visibility
  • Azimuth
  • Declination
  • Right Ascension
  • Distance


  • The other item in the Extras Tab is 'Help.' Double tap on this item to get the following information on the Help screen:
  • About: Get information on Loadstone's version and build number as well as a brief app description, a link to the Loadstone website and copyright information.
  • Online Help: A link to the Help Page on the Loadstone website. Offline help will be available soon.
  • Terms of Use
  • Third-Party Licences
  • Report a Problem: Report technical problems to the app developer.
  • Send feedback: Send comments and testimonials to the app developer.

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