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You must assume any risks associated from installing or using any of the following programs and acknowledge that the software provided is for demonstration purposes only. You should not rely upon GPS navigational technology alone as it is not 100 percent accurate. To understand what the program does and does not do please refer to the program's source code.

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The latest version of Loadstone GPS is: 0.74 released on 25 May 2010.

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The following section contains technical information about Loadstone GPS and will appeal to techies and programmers.

NOTE: This is not the Loadstone-GPS program and unless you know how to program computers you do not need to download anything from this section.

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Bug reports, patches, improvements to Loadstone GPS can be reported by visiting the appropriate area on this web site or by posting a message to the mailing list.

Download Recommended Applications from Third Parties


FExplorer is a vary useful application to have when using Loadstone GPS. It is a powerful file manager for Symbian Series 60 mobile phones that allows a user to copy and move files around the directory tree. (In much the same way as Windows Explorer does on the PC) It also facilitates beaming files from your phone to your computer via Bluetooth or infrared. It really will make your life much easier if you are using Loadstone GPS.

Although a version of FExplorer does exist for Symbian 3rd Edition devices, it may not include full functionality such as the ability to let one manage files in the inbox. Please select this link to download FExplorer


Y-Browser is a file manager for Symbian OS devices. It implements most standard features on files (such as copy, cut, paste, etc) and folders (create, remove, etc)

Y-Browser is freeware and currently available for Series 60 (including Symbian 3rd edition devices)

For Symbian 3rd Edition devices, we recommend that you download:

Y-Browser for Series 60 DP3

Y-Browser Mail Folder Add-On for Series 60 DP3

First install the Y-browser program, then the add-on. You'll find the program on your phone in the 'Yucca Tools' folder. Please select this link to download Y-Browser

NOTE: The above links are for third-party software on external web sites


Although Loadstone-GPS is free to use, it has used up thousands of development and testing hours since February 2004. In order for us to continue funding this project, adding features, improving functionality, and strengthening the support and documentation we need your help.

Please consider making a donation (Large or small - any amount is gratefully received) and will ensure development of this project continues well into the future.

Select this link to donate to the Loadstone-GPS project




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