Why donate to the Loadstone GPS project?

We the Loadstone GPS development team think the project is very worth while. The fact that Loadstone GPS is freely available to the public allows greater levels of independence to be achieved through the navigational assistance afforded by this product.

Whether you value your own personal independence, or want to improve the lives of others making a donation to the Loadstone GPS project will make a huge difference to many people around the world who are able to benefit from positive outcomes of the project.

Commercial enterprises who offer similar GPS navigation products are able to recoup their investment and put profits towards:

Since Loadstone GPS is free we are not able to do these things in the same way and certainly not on the same level.

To keep the project on-track and progressive, we solely depend on donations from users and other interested parties. We made a substantial financial investment initially (out of our own pockets) to purchase test equipment to help things get started. Unfortunately it just isn't possible for us to self-fund every new mobile Smart phone or Bluetooth GPS receiver that comes on to the market. In addition the developers volunteer countless numbers of hours to the project in the form of: designing, programming, debugging and testing the program as well as the web site, mailing list and points repository. (unfortunately bandwidth is not free!)

We hope that people will give Loadstone GPS a try and if they find it useful and are in a position to make a contribution, that they will consider making a donation. This way, everybody wins!

Our preferred method of receiving donations for the Loadstone GPS project is via Paypal. Paypal is a globally trusted funds transfer company that allows people to make safe secure and discrete donations via a credit card. If you haven't used Paypal before you will find helpful information on the Paypal website which will assist you to make your donation to the Loadstone GPS project.

We thank you for your support - it really does make a difference!

If you wish to have your donation publicly acknowledged please indicate in the comments field of your donation.