POI 2 Loadstone GPS converter

Please read the POI converter manual before using this converter.

  1. Enter the path to the (ASCII) file on your local machine or use the 'browse' button to search for the file.
  2. Enter your e-mail address as entered in Options/Settings/General on your phone.
  3. Enter your local GPS coordinates in decimal notation if you want to restrict the number of POI's.
  4. Select the radius for restriction of POI's.
  5. Select the order in which the data appears in the file or select the format
  6. check 'Add leading number' in case of identical name fields or if you want to change the point name.
  7. Change 'Point' to the name you want in front of the number when 'Add leadding number is checked.
  8. Check the 'Replace name' checkbox if you only need the generated pointname and number.
  9. Hit the 'submit' button.

Please be patient when converting 'large' files, converting takes time.

Always check the generated file on the phone before deleting the input file!

Input data

Path to local file:
E-mail address: Latitude: Longitude:
Input format:
Text in front of number:
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