Loadstone GPS QuickKey manager

The Loadstone GPS QuickKey Manager allows for easy editing of the functions that are performed by pressing a (shifted) key on the numeric keypad of your mobile phone while in navigation mode. QuickKeys are defined in the 'keys.map' file which you can find in the root directory of the Loadstone GPS folder on the System drive of your mobile phone.

The QuickKey Manager lets you change the keys.map file in a safe way and define your own shortcuts to frequently used functions in Loadstone GPS.

Follow the following steps to create a new keys.map file:

  1. Submit personal file or use the default keys.map file.
  2. Delete lines and/or add new line to the keys.map file.
  3. Review, add more changes, or proceed to the download page.
  4. Download your new keys.map file.

Submit personal file or use the default keys.map file

Path to personal keymap file:

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