Database reprocessor

This tool reprocesses (cleans up) a generated or edited database and prepares it for import in the Loadstone GPS program or the PointShareExchange.

Additionally you can change the 'status' of the database. The POI Converter generates databases with a 'restricted' status. If you are convinced that the points in the database are free for public use, you may set the status to 'public'. Please read the restrictions that may be published on the source of the points in the database carefully.

A private point never gets uploaded to the Point Share Exchange website, a restricted point is uploaded, but can only be retrieved by the user who uploaded the point and a public point is there for all of us to use.

The 'skip error' checkboxes control how errors are handled. If unchecked the tool presents you with a list of errors and the corresponding line numbers. If checked the lines with errors are omitted from the resulting database.

Note: Do not use the 'Skip deleted point' option if these points previously were uploaded to the Point Share Exchange web site. First upload the database including these points, to have them removed from the main database, and afterwards reload your points or run this tool again using the 'Skip deleted points' option.

Please be patient, it can take several seconds (up to 1 minute) before the download page appears.

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