Keyeditor, functions and parameters

Like all programs Loadstone GPS makes use of functions to perform certain tasks. Sometimes a function is activated via the Loadstone menu, sometimes via a simple keypress on the phones keypad. In the 'Configuration/keyeditor' menu you can review the various functions, the key that they are assigned to and sometimes the parameter used. You can add, edit or delete keys, functions and parameters to adapt the Loadstone GPS program to your personal needs.

These functions can have parameters that can hold variables. A function has a name, a parameter is something used by the function, a variable is a container that holds a value. Sounds complicated? Here's an example.


A typical function is the 'launch_browser' function. As can be expected this function launches the phones browser. The launch_browser function uses as a parameter the URL that the browser has to connect to. To connect to the Loadstone GPS website the complete function looks as follows:

This URL is stored in the variable ${website} so that a shorter form of this function looks like:
launch_browser ${website}

In the keyeditor you can attach this function to a key of your choice for quick access.

Below is a list of functions and a list of variables used in Loadstone GPS.

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