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Loadstone GPS related articles

The following articles directly relate to the Loadstone GPS project. Some have been authored by Loadstone GPS community members while others have been written by the press.

Open Source Software Helps to Turn a Smartphone into a Talking GPS

Loadstone GPS makes it into Forum Nokia's industry magazine

Loadstone, TIGER and OSM

How old is Loadstone-GPS, who's involved and how about maps?

Using Loadstone GPS

How I use the Loadstone program. (a users reaction)

Navigation related articles

Loadstone GPS is satellite navigation on your mobile phone. But what is satellite navigation, what is the meaning of the word Loadstone and how did it all start? In the following articles you can read about the history of navigation, the birth of satellite navigation, GPS, Galileo, WAAS and EGNOS. Learn how exactly satellite navigation works and read about the benefits of mobile tech for the blind and visually impaired.

History of navigation

From Ptolemy to GPS.

History of GPS

This document describes the history, principles, and applications of navigation satellite systems, particularly GPS. (External site, last updated in 2003)


What Wikipedia has to say about the European satellite navigation system. (External site)

GPS receivers: how they work

All you ever wanted to know about GPS receivers.

The PIM and I

A somewhat musical review of the capabilities of the Nokia N70 as a digital companion for blind and visually impaired users.

Three GPS receivers compared

Test of Royaltek RBT2010, Holux M1000 and QStarz BT Q818