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Loadstone GPS Documentation

The Loadstone GPS documentation is the advised starting point for new users and serves as a reference manual for experienced users.

We realise this documentation alone will not be enough for some people to have success with Loadstone GPS. If after browsing the documentation you still have questions. Please feel free to participate on the mailing list where members of the Loadstone GPS community will provide further assistance.

Documentation Subsections

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Solutions for downloading external map data, converting external data, manipulating Loadstone databases and creating checklists can be found on the 'Tools' page on this website:
Tools and Resources Page

Other languages:

German translation of documentation


Although Loadstone-GPS is free to use, it has used up thousands of development and testing hours since February 2004. In order for us to continue funding this project, adding features, improving functionality, and strengthening the support and documentation we need your help.

Please consider making a donation (Large or small - any amount is gratefully received) and will ensure development of this project continues well into the future.

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