Loadstone GPS - Version 1.3 Release Notes
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Loadstone-GPS Version 1.3 Release Notes

Loadstone-GPS Version 1.3 will hit the App Store on July 21, 2018, one year after Loadstone-GPS for IOS was unveiled. Here's what to expect:

  • Route Support has been added. Routes are like a list of checkpoints but have a defined order and direction.
  • An Explore Mode has been added. This is similar to the Exploration Mode in the old Symbian version. This mode lets you explore points around your current location or a specific point by compass direction.
  • The Find Point function has been improved to add support for online searching.
  • A Point's Grid Square has been added to the Point Details display.
  • It's now possible to filter the results of Show Neighbourhood by category.
  • More functions can be controlled with multi media controls.
  • A Refresh button has been added to the Astronomic Information screen.
  • The Find Point function is now faster.
  • The screen will stay awake while importing points.
  • The speed of importing points has been doubled.
  • There is now a Copy option for files and databases.
  • Point list displays now include point comments.
  • The Send Via Email option has been changed to Share to allow more options to be included such as AirDrop, ICloud, Dropbox, etc.
  • A Share option has been added to Point Actions to allow a single point to be shared.
  • A single point can now be shared with Pointshare.
  • The Where Am I function will now do an online check first and if this failes will check local databases.
  • All language translations have been updated.
  • Vvisual display glitches have been fixed.
  • Various bug fixes and performence enhancements.
  • The Pointshare Server has been upgraded and all data reloaded. This will provide more accurate point data as well as much faster downloads.

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