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What is Loadstone GPS

Loadstone GPS is a free navigational application designed to be used with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a mobile phone using the Series60 platform on the Symbian operating system.

Loadstone GPS was developed to be a low-cost feature-rich navigational assistant for the blind. At this point in time, it may be not as powerful as other GPS-Navigation solutions such as those offered by:

Freedom Scientific
Trekker and Braillenote GPS
Sendero Group
Keysoft GPS software for the Braillenote GPS
Wayfinder Systems AB

but we think you will be pleasantly surprised as to how well it works! In fact the core development team and thousands of users around the world rely exclusively on Loadstone GPS as a navigation assistant.

In order to use Loadstone you need the following:

Loadstone GPS allows a user to save points of interest and affectively create a map of the environment. Using this map a user is informed about his or her relative position to these points and knows the heading and distance to these points. This way Loadstone GPS omits the use of (expensive) professionally designed maps while providing all of the orientational information that is needed to move around in the environment. The program is therefore able to help the user to learn and memorise a route; enabling the user to locate points such as: a supermarket, a friends' house, a train station/bus stop and even their home's front entrence!

Loadstone GPS is free Open Source software and can be obtained directly from the download page of this website. We advise new users to read the Installation and Getting Started pages which can be found in the Documentation section before attempting to use the program.

You also might want to take a look at the Articles page, where you can find stories about how Loadstone GPS got started, the history of GPS navigation and in depth articles about the working of the GPS system.


Although Loadstone-GPS is free to use, it has used up thousands of development and testing hours since February 2004. In order for us to continue funding this project, adding features, improving functionality, and strengthening the support and documentation we need your help.

Please consider making a donation (Large or small - any amount is gratefully received) and will ensure development of this project continues well into the future.

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